24 hours in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Copenhagen offers a city break without the commotion of Europe’s big cities and with a philosophy of “not too much, not too little”. Couple that with the elegance of old in the Bredgade or Store Kongensgade areas for a very pleasant city break.

Must See Areas

Halvandet – A half-island where you can only get to by bike or walking; no public transportation goes there nor is it reachable by car. They do beach parties in the summer and have a massive patio where there’s music, food, drinks.

Vesterbro – It’s an area in Copenhagen (vest means west, bro means bridge… hence the area’s name ‘West of the bridge’). There is the Planetarium that has a lovely café and steps right by the water – a great place to hang out with friends and there are also some independent shops, cafes, and restaurants that are definitely worth a visit.

Frederiksberg – Just by Vesterbro. This is also a very cool area with many independent small shops and nooks. It’s one of CPH’s posher areas.

Dragør – A small harbor south of central Copenhagen. It feels like a little village with beautiful historical yellow houses, cobblestone roads, and great cafes.

Nyhavn – Home to one of our favorite in the world (read about it later in the article). This port, once the Red Light District, now hosts some of Copenhagen’s best nightlife spots. Definitely the place to go at night.

Must Visit Museum

The Louisiana Museum of Art may be a little off the beaten track, but it’s well worth the journey. It’s always exhibiting brilliant, unique work and is a serious contender as one of Copenhagen’s best galleries.

Another art favorite is the Ny Glyptotek, an intriguing gallery by Carl Jacobsen. Its two huge rooms are filled with a collection of fascinating art – one ancient, one modern. But even if the artwork is not your thing, the gallery hides a stunning botanical garden at its center, which is free to enter on Sundays and definitely worth a visit.

With exhibitions from the Stone Age, Viking Age, and the Middle Ages to Renaissance and modern Danish, a trip to Copenhagen would not be complete without a visit to the National Museum.

North of Copenhagen visits the Kronborg Castle. Built-in the 1500s, despite being well maintained it seems some of its still hanging around, as the guided tours around the castle can be pretty spooky. To shake the cobwebs from your hair, Sweden is only 40 minutes from the nearest ferry port and is great to explore for a few hours.

Last modified: December 8, 2021